Family Office Collection is a  new  approach of lifetstyle and ecological editions . The concept   was borned from architecture and design with a  planet care philosophy.  Created in Paris, London and Bordeaux in 2019 with a new approach to editions we  meet talents from all over the world and invite them to collaborate on projects, products and trends. We help with  funds to  launch the project  We travel constantly for  pleasure and sharing planetcare ideas. We participate in all benevolent creative training. We love chilling in Cap-Ferret , hiking in Spain, sailing in Croatia, walking in Scotland, riding in Argentina ... We especially like working with artisans and benevolent businesses, permaculture, tiny houses, ... Our family reinvents itself without ceases for a more human and qualitative consumption transition. We also try to support companies in this transition and its necessary mobility of mind by investing through ours virtuous funds.

We believe that nothing can be taken for granted today, and that learning together and all the time is surely good for your health.


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